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Top Tips on getting the most out of your Reed Diffuser

Strength of fragrance:

Not everybody likes strong fragrance. If this sounds like you, and you are looking for subtle scent around your home, then try adding less reeds to your reed diffuser.

We recommend all 7 reeds for a strong fragrance (or large room), but if you like a more subtle fragrance, or are using your reed diffuser in a small room such as a small bathroom, then we would suggest trying just 3 reeds to start with. You can always add more if you would like more scent.

Fading scent:

Overtime, you may start to notice the fragrance of your reed diffuser less. This can be for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, you may just be getting used to the scent meaning you notice it less. You may not notice the fragrance much, but have people coming into your home saying how lovely it smells! This has happened to me a few times 🙂

Also, over time as the diffuser oil get used up, the scent will begin to fade. If you want to refresh the scent, then invert the reeds so they are the other way round in the bottle – this will give your home a quick boost of fresh fragrance!

Removing the cork from your bottle:

Most of our natural corks will be easy to remove from the bottle, however, as they are a natural product, occasionally they may be more difficult. If you are struggling, try using a corkscrew – this should make it a bit easier.

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